Monday, May 24, 2010

Limited release.

This release of lhc-0.10 marks the move to GHC-6.12 and hopefully a more stable build infrastructure. As it stands, lhc-0.10 still lacks support for several important features, such as floating point values and large parts of the FFI.

To install LHC you need the development versions of Cabal and cabal-install. They can be fetched from these darcs repositories:

darcs get --lazy
darcs get --lazy

Once you've installed both Cabal and cabal-install, lhc-0.10 can be installed with the following command:

cabal install lhc-0.10

Here's how to use LHC once it has been successfully installed:

lhc -c SourceFile.hs # This compiles SourceFile.hs to SourceFile.hcr
lhc compile SourceFile.hcr # This compiles SourceFile.hcr to the executable SourceFile.

Happy Hacking.

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