Thursday, May 21, 2009

New release: LHC 0.8

It's been about 5 months but, finally, a new release of LHC has been born and is on hackage - so you should get it now!

This new release has been a lot of hard work on behalf of David especially, and we've spent the past day or two working out a lot of installation issues on my MacBook etc.. But the result is looking really nice, even if premature. There are still some bugs to work out, but for the most part all our installation issues are fixed, and development can steam ahead on more interesting stuff.

Perhaps the biggest change in this release is that LHC is now a backend for GHC instead of its own codebase. Amongst other things, this pretty much means that LHC already has support for all of GHC's language extensions. Also, it shares the exact same command line options (and a few more,) so it's pretty similar to GHC on the hood.

The code base is very small, but it is simple: there is no garbage collection or exceptions, threading etc.. Everything is slow right now and the heap etc. are dummy. The result already works well though, and so we're releasing it now for your pleasure.

There are full installation instructions for LHC + libraries HERE.



  1. I'm getting this when trying to load page

    Happstack 0.2.1

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    To try again is useless
    It is just not here