Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Release notes.

Version 0.6.20090126 has been released. It has been more than a month since our last release and we've made a lot of progress. The code is available from Hackage and can be installed as such:

cabal install lhc -fwith-base

Here's our changelog:
  • Fixed type classes.
  • Better variable ids.
  • Base library reorganization.
  • Better support for non-Linux systems.
  • Removed tagging on Int and Word.
  • Got Control.Arrow and Control.Applicative working by improving the handling of (->) as well as fixing type classes.
  • More extensive testsuite.
  • Lots of code clean-up.
Future effort will be directed at adding Integer support in the base library, improving the efficiency of LHC and restoring control-flow analysis.

The LHC Team.

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